Finally I’m grounded, and I like it.

I would like to send a little update from this dot of the world, and hope to communicate my this moment of thoughts to anyone who may be receiving my message.

The news is that I am opening a micro life lab, after a long 4 years constantly combating with an underdeveloped me, contradictions, life experience and changes of ideas. However, learning is never a struggle, and learning by doing make me feel alive more than ever.


Have you felt and lived in a stubborn place? It is an enormous wave that one may fear it could take you in or wash you far away. Rejecting an idea on escaping from reality, I picked up a surfing board and started to learn, going in forwards and backwards motions. My eyes are observing the broken rhythm, watching over the helpless.

So here I am, uncovering a dusted thought smiling at the old me belonged to 4 years ago. Same location, same starting line, but with different emotions.

After all, it is yet a ‘shop’, but there is no such grand opening, because I am unable to label or categorise it for its changeable nature. Whether it is a design studio, workshop, maker space, creative hub, concept store, or community connect point.

Exploration and experimentation continue, mutrend lab and I have just opened our space to public on 11/11/2017, I hope you like what I do at Mutrend Lab and if in any way it may connect to what you do and what you like to do. Please follow our Facebook page or Instagram for our daily updates, or simply visit us at the lab on Portland Street of Southampton.

Nevertheless the making of Mutrend Lab is for making connections, whether it is for a small ‘c’ (creativity) or the big ‘C’. Everyone is welcomed on this journey for prototyping, for ourselves and others.