Before Mu Collective decided to launch an event in response to Southampton Pride, something happened in the Mutrend Lab, thus triggered our motivation to do something that from the sincere respect and tolerance towards the LGBT group.

          Start Caring from the Little Things

The story behind the “sit-stitch-stuffed” event happened on a sunny and lazy afternoon in the Mutrend Lab. Once, a very shy man came into the store and told me that he was fond of one pink dress, but not quite sure if the size of the dress would fit him. At first, it is quite strange to accept the idea of a man buying a dress for himself in the first subconscious reaction. But suddenly, I realised that he might be a queer man and it is better to act as normal as I could without any offense from my slightly shocked and surprised reaction. I tried to be normal as I treated him the same way as the other customers. After he left, something could not get out of my head, therefore, some reflective thinking began. I kept asking myself why suddenly different and embarrassed feelings came out when a man wanted to buy a dress for himself. The reason possibly came from a deep bias from my fixed mindset for judging people from their appearance, which is absolutely inappropriate and superficial. What a shame!

In addition, it is assumed that this person might frequently encounter similar situations on the daily basis, even though almost everyone in this civilised country is approving to Pride and the LGBT groups. Nevertheless, when it comes to real life situation, people may still hold their judgment and prejudice in the first subconscious mind towards them just like what I did.

Afterward, Mu Collective members gathered together to discuss this particular experience, and it is agreed that respect should not only be demonstrated by getting involved in the Pride, but also be shown in the everyday etiquette and treatment. We need to act just like what we speak out! Only in this way can real bias be broken. Last but not least, “Love Wins!”