The past 25th of August Southampton was celebrating the 2018 version of the Pride event. The city centre was transformed into a colourful scenario with people marching on the streets, and music could be heard everywhere, creating a joyful environment. As part of this celebration MutrendLab took Portland street by displaying inflatable sofas in vivid colours that people could use for relaxing while being invited to think about the meaning of Pride and the LGBT community on these days. I’m very happy to see that this last year Southampton has been full of movement with art related events. MutrenLab has started to be follow this wave by planning different ideas to make Portland street alive and invite people to participate and create a community that feels the city is a space to share, take care and enjoy, and where we look after each other.


Motivated by the art vibe on the streets, I decided to capture a moment of this nice sunny day at MutrendLab through a sketch. As part of the Urban Sketchers community I believe that drawing the places we visit is an incredible way to gain more knowledge about the cities, their history, their complexity, the details of the buildings, and helps us to be more aware of the places we inhabit. In addition, we have a personal record of a special day. I really like the result and the vibrant sofas express the mood of this day under this amazing celebration.