Donation Items for the Mu Collective

Hello our friend,

Thank you for looking into this page, we really appreciate you are beginning to read this message.

This is a page where we list all the regenerative items Mutrend Lab and members of the Mu Collective are currently collecting. It is our process of gathering and giving, many of the everyday items could be saved from throwing away. It is great if you already started a creative recycling process, we can help you speed up the process reducing your piled-up recycling room.

Please drop the items during our opening hours only to receipt. 


  • Seeds (eatables) : This category is to collect for local food banks where volunteers cook for people in need every day on Above Bar Street in Southampton City Centre.

– Rice – Beans – Lentils – Any other grains

 Additional: – Tea bags – Coffee (We have been told by the volunteers that they provide a lot of these items on a daily basis)

  • Seeds (to grow): This category is for helping Mutrend Lab and Mu Collective to develop our on-going community project to promote local residents’ well-being.

– Tomatoes – Herbs – Strawberry  – Salad Leafs – Succulents


  • Glass Jars (washed, no labels)
  • Tins (washed, no labels)
  • Reusable Fabric (e.g. bed sheet in good condition)
  • Jeans/Denim
  • Large Cardboard Packaging


Thank you sincerely for anything you can provide, small or large. Our and the community’s appreciation will be gratefully received!

Mutrend Lab / Mu Collective