I vividly remember my first encounter with MU….

A year ago I walked towards Westquay to immerse myself in Christmas shopping. Surrounded on all sides by people heading in the same direction, high street bound.
My eye was drawn to a beautifully lettered chalk board which promised unique gifts and something I wouldn’t find on the high street – I turned right instead of following the crowd.

Located on the former site of Gilbert’s Bookshop in Portland Street, I found a beautifully curated space filled with quiet contemplation.
Sai welcomed me to MUtrend Lab with a warm smile. She was interested in meeting like-minded creatives in the city and we stayed in touch through meetings…..networking events….regular visits to peruse the shelves…. each time a conversation about how to create something new.

I left that day with a sense of bright optimism, and that positivity felt like like clean air in a polluted city – I urged all my friends to visit.
The year that passed filled Portland Street with music, art, literature, meditation and making. Micro-spaces popped up, and a community hub was born – a home for people to make things happen.

I’m looking forward to the MU adventures ahead with my new found friends and collaborators!