I’m Darius one of the Mu Collectives. If you don’t know me, usually, I’m the one who wrote a lot of random stuff in this blog. Recently, Mutrend celebrate their first anniversary. In this opportunity, I will just write a very short story about how I’m getting involved with Mutrend and Mu Collective. The truth is, I’ve been witnessing the journey of Mutrend since the early day, even though I officially became a Mu Collective a bit later in April 2017.

Mu Collectives at TEDx Southampton

Let’s start now. I still remember the first time I met Sai. It was during the Researcher Cafe event, Thursday, 30th November 2017. It was a cold evening almost exactly one year ago. It was a pretty interesting encounter, I would say. The theme for that particular event was about ‘making Southampton a better city’, so I assume it’s a natural thing that Sai was there. The question is more leaning to ‘what was I doing there?’ Probably, it was what people call as faith. I was just curious what this was all about.

So, I met Sai there. Initially, we just did the normal chat like people do in this type of event. We then discuss a little bit here and there, and weird enough, I remember that somehow we also talked about gardening, something that I’m not very familiar with. We kept talking to each other. On the side note, that’s also where I first met Salma, another Mu Collective member. At the end of the event, she invited me to her new space in 2 and-a-half Portland Street. She said she has a pretty little space in the city centre. I was intrigued. After that, everything departed naturally from there. One day I finally decided to pay Sai a little visit during the day. I visited once, then twice, and the many more times. I loved the space once I entered the door. I loved the space and I loved (and still loving) everything she had done (and is currently doing) and I admire what she is trying to achieve for our city Southampton. Probably, that’s the reason why I became a regular visitor to the store and also a quite active participant to several events hosted there. Finally, I asked her if I can be any help to Mutrend and being part of Mu Collective, given the fact that I’m not an artist or a designer. Unsurprisingly she said yes, and that’s the story how I became Mutrend’s event helper and Mu Collective’s blog-writer.

Knowing Mutrend for almost a year, and become a part Mu Collective for more than six months now, I have learned a lot, have met a set of like-minded people, and also I’ve done things that previously I don’t know that I’m capable of doing. Not to mention being a helper for big events. TEDx Southampton, Let’s Ride Southampton, Portland Street Exchange, to name a few. Attending several workshops and prototyping events, ‘Where is Home?’, ‘Creative Mandarin Workshop’, ‘Friendship Bracelets’, ‘Take a Mind Nap’, and many more. It’s indeed a very short period to say a lot of things about Mutrend and Mu Collective. But given that my active involvement is only for six months now, I received more than I expected. For me, being a part of Mu Collective is a breath of fresh air between my academic duties. Having said all of that, I can say one thing I know for sure, in Mu Collective everybody is learning, no matter what your background is, because learning is a lifelong process. In Mu Collective, everybody can contribute differently and uniquely. The diversity in our collective members is one aspect that we will always cherish and celebrate. And to conclude, everyone is welcomed in Mu Collective.