The year of 2018 seemed to have flown by, our prototyping journey at Mu Collective (MuCo) has been a fast changing and ever evolving one. Individually and collectively I believe we have gained some great in-depth experience and insights about ourselves and the environments we live in.

I believe we have been quite active in the last one year, learning by doing seems to be our constant norm. Our laboratory space has been transformed several times in the hands of our talented members and friends of the collective, the creative engine room is consistently run on a high spin of energy with endless imaginations. Within less than a year, we have so far prototyped 13 different designs of indoor creative workshops, 5 outdoor interactive events including our very first scaled collaborative event Portland Street Exchange and took part in 4 influential community events in Southampton, including TEDxSouthampton, Let’s Ride Southampton, Clean Air Day, and Humanities Festival.

Another fun part of the knowledge sharing is that we have also actively engaged with young learners, including offering hands-on learning opportunities to students from both University of Southampton and Solent University in our home city, we had brought our knowledge sharing to classrooms delivering lectures to and co-create with MA students among a variety of creative courses.

In this meaning-driven design process, collective memories naturally have been growing with a focus on friendship and knowledge sharing; human interaction, conflict, argument and debate are all part of the cooking ingredients for good ideas and true innovation.

Thank you everyone who have been part of Mu’s first year, sharing the learning experience, creating the enduring memories together, and for countless stimulated moments in this enchanting journey so far…

To end this piece of thoughts with a quote from one of my favorite educators and philosophers – Bertrand Russell,

‘The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge’.