Odd Pears Rine Socks



Odd Pears, Rine socks. As their brand name says it, odd is the main word to describe these socks. But playful. Very playful. Bring style and originality to your feet. Bring attention even. No more worries and taboos about feet and how we shouldn’t be showing our socks. “Is not fashionable.” We bear to differ by supporting Odd Pears.

Three socks, two matching one odd. Colourful is not enough to describe these. Extravagant is far from it as well. Be envy by other people when you walk around the street. Carry the secret of the yellow, blue and pink hid in your shoes,?within the black and white main pattern.


  • 78% Combed Cotton
  • 20% Nylon
  • 2% Elastane