What a coincidence I found Mutrend Lab and Sai, until today, I am still fascinated by that moment we met.

Before I visited the Mutrend Lab, I have already followed its Instagram account for a while and been caught by its selection of goods and a sense of aesthetics. With my strong hope to explore this place, I accidentally turned left on the Portland Street and subconsciously found where Mutrend Lab stood. As I stepped into the store, I could feel that this place is where I was looking for in Southampton. I met Sai with her genuine smile and caring tones of voice, impressed with our long and deep conversations encompassing cultural differences and aesthetic sense. Those little moments surrounding us are rare to happen in any background, which we know we would cherish them mutually, and yes, gladly we are until today.

At first, some words are pretty strange for me to understand, such as collective and community. Without the help and encouragement from Sai, I would not find my passion and desire addressing the perspective of social and cultural communication. What we defined ourselves is active learners, indicating that we are constantly adapting ourselves to this ever-changing world but also insist on our originality and innovation.

At the first year’s celebration party, we met lots of friends who have appreciated and supported us over the period, we were so excited and thankful for meeting and chatting with those like-minded and generous people. It is for sure that Mutrend Lab and Mu Collective will grow stronger and become more influential across Southampton.

I love Mu from bottom of my heart, let us be together and open another chapter.