“Perhaps, there is already a crack in the heart of Southampton, but that is how the light gets in by the collective efforts of us.”

On 29th September, Mu Collective and our lovely and supportive collaborators gave us wonderful and unforgettable memories, related to arts, design, books, and talks with those share-minded people. During 5 and a half hours, all the visitors and participants had opportunities to have access to the experience just occurred on Portalnd Street, particularly this community hub–Mutrend Lab. Here are only parts of those beautiful memories to share with you, HUSH?

Careful where you stand: the History of Portland Street

On 29th September, gorgeously dressed Mrs. Siddons (special thanks to Cheryl, who performed this 18-century one of the greatest British tragic actresses) gave us a guided tour on Portland Street, where she used to own an array of the street as her Maison with an astonishing seaside landscape. The picture below demonstrated that the symmetrical wings of the roof indicate the building was built on the purpose of one house only. Hence, we may be able to imagine how pleasurable and enjoyable Mrs. Siddons lived her life on this particular street. Thanks to Cheryl Butler, we had a chance to acknowledge the history of Portland Street as well as some anecdote of Mrs. Siddons. Personally speaking, after this guided-tour when I  stand on Portland Street, I can visualise some picturesque scenes may happen on this street, and sense the hustle and bustle as a previously major cultural street. Back to the present, please don’ t be upset, we are just at the starting point of this transforming era to rebuild Southampton distinctiveness and identity.

If you had a chance…Post Box Service

The only thing we cannot grasp is the time, no matter who you are, what you possess. But if you were given a chance to send a letter to the past or the present or the future, maybe to yourself, your friend or one of your family members, what you are going to write? Hopefully, you do not regret the present days we are currently being through. Tracing back to our own time definitely recalls some thoughts and memories, we do not have the ability to change the history of our own but only to learn from it and enjoy the present moment. Practically, actions matter, right now, right here. The moment needs to be treasured in case we do regret with these days we spent from the future perspective.

Portrait of Southampton: “City words, City window”

Memories can be adjusted by ourselves with the time goes by in a way that enlarges the subtle and sensual feelings in an unstructured means. Capturing and remembering a moment is a great and pleasant thing to do, especially when people look back some old days. On 29th September, we are so pleased to invite Dave Hubble and Duncan Green to co-create a special poem based on the visitors’ memories about Southampton. The moment for Southampton is integrated by dozens of people’s memories, varying from ages, gender, religion, nationality. It supposed to be the best parts of this city—its tolerance and diversity, which keeps  Southampton alive and energetic.

To be honest, I must neglect some details and fragments happened on 29th, but there was only one day within limited time scale to experience the whole event. Hopefully, you may experience more inspiring and creative stuff on that day. (Oh, I envy that!) We hope to hear your voices about anything towards us, you are so much welcomed to share and leave your comments on our website or Facebook Page.

See you next year, Portland Street Exchange!